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Puppy Socialisation Ideas

Puppy Socialisation

In the case of humans, just interacting with fellow humans is often known as socialisation but in dogs isn’t the same thing as humans interacting with one another.However dogs are meant to comply in our habitats, all forms of exposure to stimuli are counted as socialisation.Expose your dog to a large amount  of new stimuli like objects, sounds, humans, other dogs and other small animals. The main objective is to make the dog more comfortable in the environment around him/her. We can ne'er guarantee that the dog are allergic with everything he's to encounter within the future however a lot of socialisation invariably ensures he/she are a lot of assured in new scenarios.

➤ Basic thing is that Confidence comes with EARLY SOCIALISATION

Puppy Socialisation Ideas


For a dog to be comfortable in their human habitat, we need to interact with them daily and set out a plan of action where they get to meet young children, friendly dogs in the neighbourhood, adults and other pets. Exposing them to new sounds and sights like doorbells, umbrellas, hats, wheelchair, etc would be an added benefit for them to have a stable temperament. A well-socialised dog is calm, even-tempered, friendly and generally happier.

Puppy Socialisation Ideas


Most effective age for puppies is 4-12 weeks. This is when they learn the most and go through their first "fear period".

  • Introducing the dog to one new experience every day can be the most effective strategy to follow.

  • Make sure the dog meets and plays with at least 3-4 different pets every week which are not regular pack members.

  • Allow the dog to be handled by young children and promote feeding and sharing of toys to the  young visitors at home. This also helps in educating and motivating children to handle dogs  appropriately. But always supervise them.

  • Ensure regular reinforcement in the form of praise during all these encounters so the dog associates the experiences with happiness.

  • Let your puppy see large objects fall or move. Expose him to noises like trucks and crowds of  people. Remain calm and reward him for remaining calm. 

Puppy Socialisation Ideas


Seeing that human lifestyles have developed to an overwhelming pace where most people do not have time for themselves during the week let alone their dogs, all these things may sound time consuming to many. Here are some ideas that pet parents in cities can try for a more joyous socialisation journey with their pets.

  • Call over a dog from your friend circle or neighbourhood.

  • Take your pup for car rides. Help him get used to the motion on short rides to the store or even just around the block.

  • Do Group class: Join your local obedience instructor for training classes in groups where your puppy gets to socialise and enjoy the training.

  • Do Dog parties: Throw parties on regular occasions inviting all dogs for dog-friendly pleasantries like cakes, treats, swimming pool, etc.

  • Went to dog parks: Dog parks are still not a very prominent feature in India, but do book a place in your neighbouring parks for a highly enjoyable day for your pooches.

  • Try and take your dog along to as many new places as possible – market, in your car, to open fields, etc. This will also give you a chance to strengthen obedience in your dog.

  • Take your puppy to a trusted friend’s house. Just going into a new environment will offer your puppy lots of new experiences.

Can a Dog Trainer Help With Socialization?

Puppy Socialisation Ideas

Puppy training classes area the good way to enhance your puppy's socialization. Dog trainers typically visit these classes as "Puppy preschool." A good puppy preschool will facilitate your puppy to get comfortable with new individuals and being handled. Your physician or native animal assist you find a good puppy kindergarten class.

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