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Dog Food : Purepet Chicken & Vegetables Puppy Dog Food, 10kg


  • Made of real chicken
  • Help to maintain healthy body
  • Keep bones and muscles strong
  • Keeps coat shiny and healthy

Product description:

Purepet puppy food is a complete food which contains real chicken, cereals and vegetable oil. It has all the essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants which make your puppy strong and healthy also help them to grow. The vegetable oil in it make their coat healthy and shiny, so your puppy flaunt with style. It also make their bones and teeth healthy and strong. It is so tasty that your little pooch will love it.


  • The complete and balanced nutrition for growing puppies with proper ratio of protein and fat.
  • A healthy nutrition supports the digestive system keeping your pet healthy.
  • Essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants promote growth and immunity in your pet.

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