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7 Winter Care Tips for your dog

When temperatures drop then caring for your pet is become very important to keep him happy, safe and comfortable . Here are seven things you can do to make this your pet’s best winter .

1. Take care of Clothes.

It is important while buying winter clothes make sure the clothes are not too tight and have correct measurements. Make sure for proper bedding in place .The material should be of cotton or microfibre. Polyester and nylon bedding make your pet uncomfortable result itchiness or skin irritation.

2. Take care from heating appliances.

Secure your pet from any heating appliances/fire place which may cause any kind of burn injury.
One can use room heater for warming your home but place it out of reach from pets and children so that don't injure himself.Take special care of young one and elderly pets.

3. Keep your pet hydrated.

To keep your pet hydrated during winter season. Make sure that your pets have access to clean water every time. Make sure the pet food and water bowl are washed twice a day. 

4. Do not overfeed your pet.

During this season pets overeat food , always feed them right quantity , if your pet is foodie make 3-4 parts of food and feed it over the day.

5. Daily Grooming of your pet.

Every pet has a different coat and needs different grooming on daily basis is very important and essential.
For Short coat comb the pet at least twice daily. Use a fine comb if there is a lot of hairfall.
always brush the coat starting from tail to head.
For long coat use a tick and flea comb or narrow comb. To keep the coat soft and untangled use hair serum.
Eye Cleaning: Use rosewater on cotton ball to remove the dirt near the eyes.
Paws Cleaning: Wash the paws every times the returns from his walks.apply coconut oil on paw pads before bed. This will help keep the pawpads moisturised and prevent them from cracking and hardening.

6. Exercise your pet's.

To keep your pet active and alert during winter season , make sure your pet exercises in the warmer part of the day. Indulging them with indoor activities or games like running up-down the stairs, hide and seek, fetch and throw etc. Exercise also helps to burn calories also.

7. Good diet for your pet.

During winter season fish-based diet is ideal as this diet contain plenty of omega fatty acids that improve the health of your pet’s coat and skin. Honey is a superfood it has plenty of antioxidants that strengthens your pet’s overall immunity by fighting infections and digestive problems. 

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